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Marketing technologies have evolved, however SMS marketing is still leading due to the fact that it allows you to reach all your customers directly on their mobile. SMS messages have a high open rate and they are saved in the end users' mobile for future reference.Lebanon SMS messages can reach any mobile even basic ones. This is why our SMS service is used by NGOs as the basic mean of communications. Our platform allows you to personalize your messages using special characters.SMS can be used for: news, promotions, alerts, one-time pin (OTP), communications, etc. Our SMS gateway is the fastest in the market.

How to send SMS to Lebanon

Step 1: Create a free account on You will need to add you name, mobile number and email. Click here.

Step 2: Login to your account and you will be redirected to your marketing platform. Request a new sender ID that you would like to use in your marketing messages and send your first message :)

SMS Lebanon Gateway

Lebanon SMS platform has the following features which makes it one of the best SMS Service providers in Lebanon and the ME region.
  • 11 characters english sender id
  • 160 English or French characters text
  • 70 Arabic or unicode characters
  • Send direct SMS or schedule it
  • Live SMS tracking report
  • Categorized audience database (area, gender, age, class…)
  • Competitive prices
  • Personalize your SMS by adding the recipients first name, info, etc.
  • Competitive prices
You are now one click away from sending SMS messages to Lebanon and ME Regions.

White-Label Program

We build your SMS server in a white label where you can use your own branding and logo, direct your clients to your site and sell them SMS in Lebanon under your company name without mentioning Lebanon SMS as your service provider for bulk SMS Lebanon.

Perfect SMS messaging experience

  • Global mobile messaging. Simply Send Anywhere.
  • Demonstrated High-Performance SMS Gateway.
  • Total simplicity with rich messaging features
  • All-In-One Bulk and A2P SMS Service for Business.
  • Fully customizable platform.
  • Exclusive SMS Marketing database.
  • Two ways SMS and micropayment.

Best SMS Lebanon

Technical Support

Our expertise in the marketing field will allow you to plan optimized marketing campaigns and use your money wisely. Our goal is to make evey campaign a success

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We make sure to meet all deadlines since we know how frustrating delays are. Meeting deadlines is one of our top priorities.


We provide a full life time warranty on all our products and services.

Lebanon SMS Lebanon

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